.:iron man – cologne edition

not sure if it was last year or when exactly when I saw the first pics of the hot toys iron man figure, but I wanted it right away. well… it took quite a while I got hold of one here in germany as I somehow didn’t want to order one via ebay.

anyhow! I’ve always been a huge iron man fan, well… when I was much much younger and then again somewhere in between and the latest when all the fuzz about about the amazing iron man movie came up.

so I finally got around to take a few quick test shots in our garden the day before yesterday.

I actually have already setup most of the setup for the shoot itself, but I haven’t had all the time I want so far.

well well enough talk, for now anyway…

iron man cologne?!

let me know what you think!

best regards

oh and I will post a setup shot in a few days also!

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