.:chase jarvis suggests some treeshaking – ufff

just found a new blogpost by chase jarvis in my feed reader that made me smile. its down to the point, very inspirational and I’d say THE thing to do, if you want to get into pro photography. or even just to improve your photography. obviously not there are other points or circumstances that need a bit of freestyling, but take the time and go read the post and see for yourself.

chase jarvis is an amazing photographer and beyond that he has the talent (at least in the posts and interviews I saw and read by him) to get to the point and present facts very clearly.

thank you for that chase. and keep up the support!

I find it so important as a fresh starting photographer to get tips like these and insight into already successful working photographers life and workflow. it’s a good measure for your own progress and gameplan.

sometimes you might feel lost and not sure if what you do is right… then help like this, from a pro, is pure gold. either to change your course a bit or just to be sure to keep your course!

and as for point 18 in chase’s blogpost he’s my photo.

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