well well. here we are… I know I said the relaunch would be soon and it took some time, but hey! we had to do it right and I think we accomplished that 🙂 big thanks to andrea vascellari and nico pin for all their great help and work!!! but more on that later on!

since last year I started my own photography business and I am working fulltime now to build my portfolio, setup a good network and obviously get as much experience as I can. you might have followed me on twitter and flickr in the meantime, and hopefully will continue to do so :-), and seen what I have been up to.

from some first test shots

to more from my geeking series
just a little more...

location scouting

to a movie premiere.
fast and furious premiere

aaaaaaaaand I finished my troopies365 project.
"I am exhausted..."

but more on all these later.

It is great fun running your own business and alot of work and stress. but it feels good and I know what I am doing and who I am doing it for. I am getting to know so many interesting and nice people these days, especially through my work, which amplifies the whole positive experience. who says social media doesn’t work. I love it.

anyway. I am glad we are online now and I hope you like the new blog and webpage as much as I do and will enjoy all the upcoming projects and posts. and if you find any mistakes or have any suggestions for the future or just want to say hi, please be so kind and leave me a comment.

on the links page you’ll find next to friends and other interesting blogs, all my profiles and so far a few blogs I follow on a daily basis.

and also make sure to follow me on twitter for the daily madness updates! 😀


  1. Teymur,

    It’s nice to see you running on a new shiny design 🙂 , and I’m even more excited of seeing you taking into action the advices and the strategy we, at http://www.itive.net, have been working on together with you.

    From me personally and from the entire iTive.net team we wish you the best for your business!

    CEO – iTive.net

  2. senior vogel!
    vielen dank mein lieber!
    freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt! wann bist du mal wieder in der gegend?

  3. andrea! thank you so very much for everything! and to your team also! without your great help I certainly would not be as far as I am right now.

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