.:dark disco – or why I really need some pocket wizards

my buddy mirco and I were bored last saturday evening and had the urge to fill up those poor lonely CF and SD cards in our cameras. so we met up and drove to a garage mirco has access to and tried a few setups. we had 3 nikon sb-900s where I mostly used one of them just as a commander. following the strobist movements spirit we tried alot of things. I couldn’t achieve everything I wanted, but that was mostly through the limitations of nikons cls system. it really is annoying to a certain degree that you need to have the strobes in the line of sight. but on the other hand photographers like joe mcnally achive the most wonderful things with that system, so I probably just need some more experience. but systems like the pocket wizards have abilities that succeed those systems like cls. with a few pocket wizards I could have also lit up the inside of the car for example. ah well. maybe in the future.

hope you like the outcome. you can watch the photos in a higher resolution over at flickr. (just click on the photos below)

dark disco 1

dark disco 2

and please let me know what you think! either here or in the flickr comments.


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