.:boooya – a little photokina post

tuesday till today. photokina galore!

five days of photokina are… well… actually not too much to be honest but enough and very exhausting. my feet still hurt!!! 😀

luckily it wasn’t too full at any of the days, but for sure kinda packed. I tested nearly everything I wanted to and I really think there was nearly every company I wanted to talk to or test stuff from. and by the way… the new lensbaby composer ROCKS ya! I even tried to get further in my seemingly endless journey of finding the perfect everyday photobag and well… found a few interesting solutions that at least need some more testing and investigating. oh and a very cool thing we checked out just today were the photobooks by blurb. what a great quality. and in my opinion much better than the one you can order via apples iphoto. for sure worth a try. there could have been some more overall swag, but hey 🙂 why complain.

the last day (at least for me) was alot of fun. we had our flcikr meet up with our local grup and our german flickr community manager kay was also there with some nice swag of course! 😀 aweeesome! the lomo event was nice too… well… the music rocked and the cupcakes were very nice:-) after that a few of us went for a nice dinner at a mongolian place close to the expo center. YUMMMYYYY!

and now I am just exhausted and tired of running around these endless halls full of very expensive equipment and just glad to be a bit more informed and prepared to get more into my preparations done for my photobusiness.

maybe I’ll write a bit more and in depth in the following days, but for now.. I’ll rather chill a bit infront of the tv putting my feet up a bit and enjoy a cold water and some popcorn.

have a good one everyone!


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