.:flickr updates and such – :-)

today I met up with a flickr friend of mine ( ozan and his pal godmademefunky ) in düsseldorfs meilenwerk which is a wonderful place where you can store your classic cars, buy them, sell them, get some food, find mechanics and just have a good time, even if your not a “petrolhead” (yeah ask my dear girlfriend). very nice place and the cars change all the time, so the more you go there the more cars you can see and photograph. and what a place to take pictures. WOW. great light, good building and obviously the great cars. I’ll be going back on a regular basis for sure.

so anyway… enough talk HERE is the flickr set! and of course I updated my one year photo project over HERE!

hope you’ll enjoy te pictures and maybe you want to leave a comment, I always enjoy feedback from you guys!



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