.:flickr update – huuuuuuuuuuge flickr update

ok this is a big load. and I normally would put ’em out in smaller bits but as these are vip ones 😀 they have to get out…

lets start with cute anni leah —> klicky

then of course I updated the friends & family set after a great dinner tonight —> klicky

on they way back at home in the elevator we … just got a bi stupid 🙂 —> klicky

and of course as every day my dear troopies are updated HERE!!!

tomorrow I should be posting quite a bunch more. I was at the great nürburgring racetrack on saturday watching the vln race, got some nice shots. and well some quite brilliant cologne pics I took tonight and even some nice HDRs although a bit shaky hence to the missing tripod 😀

enjoy and plz lave comments if you enjoy any of ’em.

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