.:robert mckee story seminar – a look back

I am back in cologne now… the seminar was finished yesterday with a casablanca disection marathon of 6 hours.
these 3 seminar days were extremly exhausting, extremly insightful and extremly joyful.
I think it really got me to a new limit I never was before… I don’t want to say intellectually, but my brain was close to vaporate for sure :-). alot of information. ALOT!!! and eventhough I had read the book before, it added so much to it. Robert McKee is really an amazing man and adds so much to all this knowledge by his personality. and it must be hard for him too… very… talking for eleven hours straight, standing, and even in the breaks answering our annoying questions 🙂
well well. what can I say… he is very well educated, he knows so much besides the “story” related that it at times felt like a philosophical seminar.
I feel the force flowing much clearer now! And anyone who just remotely want to work creativley in the film or writing business has to read his book and should attend this seminar. I am so looking forward to start my work now!

I may add some more, but I am just exhausted from the trip and all… later guys!

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